100th Post: A look back to Joyful Shimmy


It's been almost a year since this blog was born on November 9, 2010. Yes she is a Scorpio if you believe in that kind of thing which I do. Let's look at this post as a very special flashback episodeĀ  of Joyful Shimmy. Purpose: Originally this … [Read more...]

Self-Care Tool: Dance Breaks

If there is one healthy tool that got me through life trauma, trials and tribulations is dancing. I admit it ever since I was young enough and allowed to locked my door, I will put my music on and I would dance in front of the mirror. This was my … [Read more...]

Self-Care: Slump

About a month ago, I hit a slump. After the high of graduating from Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts and then the crash that comes with detoxing from caffeine, I hit a valley. This was not the rock bottoms of the past, this was more of a feeling of … [Read more...]

Self-Care Tool: Daily Brags

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am saying so long to the restrictive/survival mode and exploring new tools that continue to bring abundance and joy into my life. This means picking up new tools that will continue to expand my horizon, build … [Read more...]

“I can’t afford it” is a bulls**t excuse

Over the past few months I have embarked on a serious soul searching process. The intention this time around is connect with my why and to answer questions such as who am i?, how can I live a purpose driven life?. I am no longer living in a place of … [Read more...]


A lot of changes going on in my life as I leave behind what is no longer working and open myself to follow my dreams. What are these changes all about? Well for starters, I have my own business. I am a Passion Party Consultant in a nutshell I get … [Read more...]