Meet Laura Yamin

headshotLYI am a recovering perfectionist and overachiever who is obsessed  with working smart, building happiness habits, creating an abundantly rich life and decluttering the things that no longer serve me.

I am a teacher,  podcaster, an advisor and sought-after problem solver.

I believe…

  • Burning out on the job is NOT part of the success equation
  • Promotion is not earned by the person who throws the biggest temper tantrum or goes all Jessie Spano “I am so excited” caffeine episode
  • Work-Life Boundaries should be your best friend
  • You can create an abundant life without winning the lottery (although that would be a fun plus)
  • Our fear of failing and success is what’s keeping us in shitty jobs, toxic relationships, and this general feeling of dissatisfaction
  • Keeping the focus back on you and   your life it’s your key to success

NSFW Podcast 

NSFW ITUNESNot Safe for Work (NSFW) Podcast is  twice-weekly career inspired podcast. NSFW is where you’ll find honest advice in a no bullshit zone when it comes to your career.

If you’re feeling stuck in your job and you know you need a change, come here to be inspired by real people who took back control in their career.

Just straight up, real talk to give you real results on the Not Safe for Work Podcast.


Third Person Schpeel:

Laura Yamin is an Advisor, Teacher and Author who specializes on perfectionism. She is the host and creator of Not Safe for Work (NSFW) podcast. She has over ten years of advising, leadership training and educational experience working at New York University, University of Maryland- College Park, University of Missouri- Columbia and Pace University  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Syracuse University and a Master of Arts at the University of Maryland – College Park.