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headshotLYI am Laura Yamin – Lifestyle Career Coach that works with courageous women in their mid 20’s – 30s walking them through their shitty job exit plan into their next career that is in alignment to your values and soul purpose.

After working 10 years on an ill-fitting but “fun job” on paper, I made the decision to walk away and “start over.” A decision which I have no regrets as I have vastly improved the quality of my life (no more anxiety meds! full night of sleep! weight loss). Having been there myself I know how valuable a support and accountability system is needed in this transition.

 I am here to HELP you:

  • Tap into what is that YOU WANT vs. the SHOULD’s when it comes to your work and life
  • Quit your sh*tty, ill fitting job that no longer serves you and help you transition to a better opportunity
  • Help you re-build your self-worth and self-esteem which I am sure has taken a beaten at your current position
  • Teach you how to create more money while continue to calling in the things that you love
  • Show you how to get out of your own way when it comes to fear and self-sabotage behaviors

About You

Let’s be honest I don’t want to waste your time and money. I am going to share my “sweet spot” with you.

  • You are a Type A, control freak, perfectionist who is asking herself is this all there is in life?
  • On paper, your job sounds glamorous yet you despise the long hours and lack of social life
  • You are craving to have more money, time and flexibility in your life
  • You are open to spiritual and a bit alternative guidance and rituals
  • You are multi-passionate, who is good at many things but not great at just one thing
  • You are frustrated about the job search process because nothing seems to be sticking through and you find yourself asking “Am I hireable?” “Should I just get over it and settle for this job?”

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My Story (somewhat long-version)

I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am the oldest child, overachieving, highly involved daughter. When I turned 18, I decided it was time for a change of scenery and attended Syracuse University. If you don’t know Syracuse University, it is in upstate NY, one of the snowiest cities in the US.

My STARTER Career – Student Affairs

While in school, I found myself fascinated by all things event-planning and leadership-development.  A mentor of mine opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in event planning while impacting the college students of tomorrow.  A day after I graduated, I moved to Maryland to pursue a M.A. in Higher Education Administration.

By the time I was 24, I completed multiple internships around the US, traveled through Europe and landed the “dream job” at a well-known NYC college. Filled with big NYC dreams, I moved to the city that never sleeps, and I was miserable.  

I have been hiding this secret of multiple eating disorders, a speed habit (a.k.a. diet pills – the “good girl” drugs),  growing debt, and a lackluster life full of toxic friends.  I finally hit bottom and became willing to make some drastic changes in my life. I got my ass into 12-step recovery.


During a 6 years period, I immersed myself in all things self-help, personal development and lifestyle design. I went back to school and studied nutrition, pleasure, seduction, money, entrepreneurship, marketing. I launched a blog where I shared the up and downs in this journey of cultivating self-love, creating more money, moving my body and most importantly, finding my purpose.  All of which I believe are attainable.

The gift of blogging for 3+ years is that it provided me with a platform to connect with other like-minded individuals living around the world. I found myself connected with a community of fellow bloggers, entrepreneurs and amazing readers. Here are some of my favorite posts: Burlesque Debut, Cinco de Mayo 44 Second Recipe (Cooking Minute) Making Healthy Adult Friends, Bucket List Adventure: Polar Plunge. AboutMeColalge2 Just in case you want to hear my #BodyLove Story in 5 minutes or less, check out my Ignite Fitness Talk:

Finally I quit my job

On June 25, 2013 I walked away from my starter career with a dream to take on my consulting practice (a side hustle at the time) into a full-time practice.

Now What?

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Grab your free 5-Step Guide on How to
Make your I Quit! dream a reality today