Blends: HLS and Fitbloggin’ Edition

Over the past couple of months, I attended a couple of great blogging conference. For today, I want to share with you some of my favorite new blends (blog friends) sites.

Healthy Living Summit

  • - Vegan, 1/2 marathon runner who is funny, smart and keeps it real.
  • - NYC mom of two who is balancing work, training for a marathon and being a wife/mom
  • Semi-sweet online - A practical guide for Healthy Living. Sarah provides you tips that are easy to follow but can make a huge impact in our life.
  • Bendiful My roommie at HLS. Renee writes about creatively live life with a purpose. From parenting, healthy living, fashion and running. Renee is awesome!
  • Finish your Broccoli - Juliette writes recipes that makes healthy living easy in NYC
  • Healthy Hoboken Girl - Fellow neighbor who writes awesome health tips and recipes.
  • Healthy Living Blogs – This is a great directory as well as a fun spot to learn all about Healthy Living Blogs
  • Run to the Finish - Amanda is awesome, sweet and really inspiring. She holds challenges which I definitely encourage you to check them out.



  • Grow Soul Beautiful – Beautiful site that combines yoga, creative endeavors, and photography. “Your body is a work of art”
  • Click. the Good News – Beautiful photography, travel, wine, running. Amanda is AWESOME!
  • Double Chin Diary – She was my first Fitbloggin friend as we decorated our name badges.  She is AWESOME!
  • Bex Life – “Big Blogger alert” yet she was really nice.  She has videos and other useful tools :)
  • Mrs Fatass-  One girls journey from fatass to fabulous. She is a Zumba instrutor, inspiring blogger.
  • – Zumba/Burlesque who writes an exploration of a life out of control and the struggle to reign it all back in.
  • Coffee Cake and Cardio – Ashley is DC blogger who writes about life and fitness blog
  • Am I there yet?  – Fellow cupcake lover blogger who chronicles a training trifecta
  • Hit the Road Jane- A Latina takes on Running and Healthy Living
  • Fit Approach ladies – Have you heard about #sweatpink  these ladies are awesome. They did a great presentation about community in the blogging world
  • Skinny Emmie - Weight loss blogger.  She loves fashion and is a social media marketing maven :)
  • Mommy Run Fast - Recipes and purposeful running/training.

And so many more sites to check out so I will continue to sprinkle a few shout outs here and there!

Q for you! Do you have any sites that you enjoy reading? Leave a comment with the link for me and my readers to check it out!


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  1. Aww thanks Laura! You are pretty awesome yourself and a FABULOUS roomie!

  2. You are so wonderful and I can’t wait to hang out with you soon and lets go to another conference soon too!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Laura! Xox

  4. Yeahhh thanks for the shout out!! you’ve been on my mind as I try to figure out this crazy holiday challenge :)

    Good luck in your new adventure with WW

  5. <> thank you for all the kinds words! I appreciate all the support! XOXO

  6. It was so great to meet you, thanks so much for the mention! I loved your Ignite talk and hope to one day have the confidence to shimmy myself :)

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