Is my story even valid?

As I am preparing to head to Baltimore tomorrow to do my Ignite Fitness speech.  I have to admit my head space has been far from loving and supportive.

I mentioned my struggled getting the slides done on time as I avoided the task. Now the space is being filled with this question: Do I really have something useful to share? Is it even a valid 5 minute share? Heck do you want to read this running commentary I have going on in my head? But wait, I am not skinny enough (actually I don’t have the right body) to prove that I love my body.  Oh hello distorted old messages. Thank you for visiting old demons.  We are going to have a fun time right here.


First off, I am grateful for Dr. A who was able to remind me that I do struggle with the idea of success in my life.  Living in chaos and constantly feeling down is a normal state of mind for me. My job is to learn how to experience happiness, peace, serenity and joy in my life. Yes it feels uncomfortable but its ok.

I can listen and share my old distorted messages and be reminded that its not my reality for today.  I will speak my truth whether I think its valid or not.  Chances are no matter what every time I shed light in my story I heal another old wound.






Thirsty Thursday

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  1. LY:

    I can attest to you (every part of you) being an inspiration to others, because you (every part of you) are an inspiration to me. I am struggling with many of the same issues, and I know that the answer is to keep moving forward and offering what I have to give no matter what, but boy oh boy that sure can feel hard when my mind is filled with the doubt and fear and cynicism that my wounded self and ego want to share. I know you will do it. You will bravely, beautifully offer all that have to this speech, because that is who you really are: you show up for you, and in doing so, you bring all that you have to others, and it is beautiful and inspiring and healing for those of us lucky enough to be in your presence, hear your story, watch you own it.

    Shimmy and shine, you brave warrior! Sending you lots of love.

  2. I’m so glad you shared your story at Fitbloggin- I really enjoyed it & was inspired :)

    I’m a really big believer in our story- we all have one, it’s so important the story we tell (and believe) about ourselves. It’s why I blog, it’s why I love photography. I want to have a little spot in the big world to share my story & remind myself that my life matters.

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