I am all over the place

Yes I am all over the place. Therefore I created a graphic to remind me of my own sabotage pattern.


Right now things are going really well! For instance:

  • I had a successful time at FitBloggin
  • I felt real feelings of sadness and pain as well as joy
  • I spend sometime with amazing friends, mentors and really enriching conversations
  • I bought a new computer
  • I got clear about the direction I want to continue growing
  • I feel excited about the possibility of falling in love, making more money, having a body that I love and appreciate
  • I am slowly getting better at various BARRE exercises

Yet here I am going back to the old patterns, feeling insatiable when it comes to the food. Grazing as opposed to eating a real meal.  Feeling extremely tired and craving to do nothing. I am also feeling sick physically with the change of seasons (allergies).  My action has been beating myself up because I should know better!

Thank goodness that the pain has gotten bad enough that I am willing to take radical actions which includes emailing my therapist about it, sharing it with friends and even being honest in the blog.  I am also taking loving awareness when it comes to how I speak myself.  I am allowing for things to fall into place. I do deserve to receive all of the magical goods that are coming my way. I have work too hard to continue suffering. It is about time that I enjoy what it is in front of me!

Now I want to hear from you, do you have a sabotage pattern? How do you break it?



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  • http://AMoreConsciousE.blogspot.com E Marie

    Yes! Fr me, it happens when my body starts to break down and I am home sick (with lupus it is fairly frequent). I start feeling depressed and convinced that the only thing that will make me feel better is sugar. I start sneaking off to the fridge and having little bites of whatever I can find.

    When I want to break this streak I drink lots of water. It seems to be the only thing that works. I drink water every time I have a craving, any time I think about snacking. I’ll also drink decaf green tea but won’t use Splenda/ stevia at all. A day or two of this can snap me out of the worst of it.

    • lryamin

      Hmm I can so relate! Sugar can be so sneaky hitting one spot and then it does the trickle effect. For me it’s been about bringing awareness of the pain, where did I stop taking care of myself, and that perhaps my next right action is to just take the action and don’t wait for tomorrow.

      Thank you so much for your comment.