Self-Care: In search of a therapist…

I am no stranger to therapy. I have been on and off the therapist couch for about a decade. I have benefit greatly the times I have been in the couch working through issues such as anxiety, managing the transition to graduate school and recently regarding my eating disorder.  I have found modalities that work at different time from the regular talk therapy to let’s dig into your past.

When it comes to my eating disorder I found that it was a combination of talk therapy, cognitive behavior as well as group level therapy that worked for me.  It has been a process. For a while I had a great therapist who helped me get to the place that I am for today. I walked through months of PTSD and lack of sleep.  I learned new coping mechanisms such as working out on a consistent basis, honesty and most importantly feeling the feelings.

Although I continue to remain in touch with my last therapist and I may even partake in one of her group programs.  What my gut is currently telling me is that it’s time to find another therapist to work on a one on one basis.

As I know this is a process that can be intimidating and well it’s like dating.  My plan is to share (in general) my journey as I navigate my search for a new therapist.

What I am looking for?

  • Someone who takes my insurance. In-network/Cigna only
  • Someone who is within 5 miles from my workplace
  • Someone who specializes with eating disorders
  • Someone who is somewhat sane, maintains clear boundaries and is engage in my life stories and narratives

Action Steps:

  • Go to my insurance and do an online search for potential therapist
  • Cross-check these potential therapists with their Psychology Today Therapist Profile
  • Make initial phone calls to see time availability for potential intake

I will keep you posted how this journey goes!?!

I am curious to hear, have you gone to therapy? Is there a stigma still attached to having a therapist? Do you have any tips that you have learned from your own therapist search?


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  1. I went to therapy for a year in 2008, and got absolutely nothing out of it because the therapist was not right for me. Or maybe she just wasn’t very good. But I’ve been thinking about finding someone new that can help me with a few issues. Good luck, curious to hear how it goes for you!


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