Treat Yo Self: Essie Nails (GIVEAWAY)

When I first started working with Mama Gena on this round of Inner Circle one of her assignments to me was to take a daily action towards womankind. What the heck does that mean?

I realized it means that I need to practice “Treat Yo Self”-  please watch the video below.

Well I have used every excuse in the book to avoid doing this assignment for the past 3 months because:

  •  The funds are low
  • I don’t have enough time to do it
  • There are many places to be, people to see that well treat yo self sounds like a crazy indulgence.

As I go back to basics when it comes to self-love and acceptance the most important thing I can do for myself is to Treat Myself on a daily basis. Let’s be honest this doesn’t have to cost a whole lot of money because as you know I am still working on my money honey.  In this weekly series,  I will share ways where I “Treat Yo Self.”


If you haven’t notice there is a cool trend out there of  funky statement nails. This is a fun way to experiment with colors and well have fun. I am an Essie Color lover so this week I decided to try out a couple of colors to brighten my day.

Essie Minty Green Apple and Lilalicism

For $25 at a local nail spot in Manhattan I can get a mani + pedi and tip.  This is my spot to go and take a break from reality, catch up with the latest US Weekly and be reminded of  how much having a good mani/pedi makes me feel good about myself.

If you are willing to spend a little more on getting your mani done, I would encourage you going to Dashing Diva on Thursday/Friday night for Cosmo’s and Mani. I did this a few months back with Ellese. For $16 we got manis and 3 cosmo’s. The mani actually lasted 2 weeks which is a miracle!

If you are looking for nails inspiration, I encourage you checking out Anna’s blog “Glitter She Wrote” who I met a couple of days ago at a workshop. So many fun ideas that I can’t wait to try out.

Treat Yo Self  Fun Giveaway! Win 2 new Essie Colors including “Luxe Effects: A  cut above.” To enter, leave a comment below letting me know your favorite Essie Color or nail website? Added entry, follow me on Twitter @lryamin   and then leave a comment. It will count as two entries!  Contest will end on Monday, July 9, 2012 at 12pm EST!





Disclosure: I did not received any compensation for this giveaway from Essie or any other sponsors.  This is my treat to you!

WINNER! Marissa (Based on comment number #4)

Thirsty Thursday

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  1. YAY!
    I dont have a fav essie color/nail site BUT i do looove checking in and seeing Zooey Deschannel’s nails from time to time at!

  2. How fun! I don’t have a favorite Essie color either, though I am so loving all the new nail looks! Will follow you on Twitter too. Great site!

  3. been going through my magazines for my clipping files and have pulled all their ads. The nails colors are fun and bright. I like the light, powdery blue color.


  4. I love my essie polish Tart Deco.

  5. I love all of them for their names! Whatever complements my olive skin!

    I LOVE to look at pinterest for cool nail ideas!



    i am sharing it with the worrld!

  6. my favorite essie polish color is fiji and my favorite nail website is

  7. followed you on twitter
    twitter name; @mclasb

  8. I love Essie nail polish, the All in One Base is one of my favorite products. Status Symbol is my favorite pink. It’s bright and makes me happy when I look down at my toes.


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